Cost and time effective launch is attainable from Western Australia Spaceport (WA Spaceport). WA Spaceport is located within the local government area of the City of Albany, Western Australia.

Vehicle and payload transportation to WA Spaceport comprise major (Perth) and regional (Albany) airports, seaport (Port of Albany) and major road arterials. Perth airport services both international and domestic destinations. Direct connections include United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, India, South-East Asia and all capital cities of Australia. Perth airport services direct connection to Albany airport. Albany is a 4 ½ hour drive from Perth.

Personnel logistics are available from Perth and Albany airports. Rental cars, local accommodation, dining, medical services, leisure and recreation can be obtained from Albany. Commute time between Albany and WA Spaceport is circa 30 minutes via sealed road access.

Launch facilities include clean room, gas services, communications, building services, lifting equipment, workstations, propellants, in-door staging, common launch pad, propellant loading-offloading, in-door launch control centre, downrange RF facilities, medical supplies and fire-fighting equipment.

WA Spaceport experiences temperate weather conditions year-round with clear ocean southwards launching into azimuths up to 50˚ eastwards from south and 85-90˚ westwards from south.